Personal Protection Plan


Campus Personal Protection Plan Strategies…

  • Use 911 in case of an emergency or when emergency assistance is needed, do not hesitate!
  • Campus Security can/will provide you an escort to your vehicle
  • Know to plan ahead.. let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back (even when you are on campus) ; consider alternating entry/exit point to campus, consider alternating forms of transportation to campus (rides from trusted friends/families, etc)
  • Know to never walk alone in isolated areas or unlit areas late at night… Walk with a purpose, head up and not looking at your phone screen
  • Know your social networking traffic…Don’t post personal information on social  networking sites; many vacationers post pictures only to return to a ransacked apt/home
  • Be aware of photo tags as they will often tell a predator where you are, and what time you were there…including real time
  • Know your body language signals…avoid looking down, not using your peripheral vision… when walking or staring into your phone…head on a swivel
  • Know to look around your car before unlocking it…keep your car alarm accessible at all times
  • Know your facility and public safety staff…let someone know you are on campus during late hours…especially what location (by academic area if possible)
  • As a general rule, Know the locations of campus emergency equipment, fire extinguishers, AEDs, fire alarms, other radios;
  • Know your trails/paths at night, stay on a well-lit, “beaten” path…avoid remote/heavy vegetation/overgrowth/poor visibility areas
  • Know your surroundings around your ATMs…cover your pin, do a quick look for “skimmers” that do not belong there, look for folks who “hang” around the ATM
  • Know your campus layout/buildings and office hours; be aware of staff who are working, remember they carry mobile radios to use for help or emergency assistance

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