Quarterly Compliance Newsletter

Check out Minnesota State's most recent Public Safety and Compliance Newsletter. In this third quarter newsletter, find out what a safety culture is and why barriers to it should be addressed, what causes the most injuries to Minnesota State employees, and the unfortunate truth about why flushable wipes should not actually be termed “flushable*.” *Spoiler: … Continue reading Quarterly Compliance Newsletter

Wireless Emergency and Personal Weather Alerts

Wireless Emergency and Personal Weather Alerts  Wireless Emergency Alerts In weather emergencies, warnings can save lives. But traditional warning methods such as television, radio and outdoor sirens don’t always reach everyone. Emergency officials now have a new way to send warnings directly to cell phones in affected areas — Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). These short … Continue reading Wireless Emergency and Personal Weather Alerts

Identity Theft

With technology becoming more advanced and transparent, protections should be in place to protect your identity.  Attached are two hyperlinks to help you protect and report any incidents involving identity theft.  Be Safe, and Be Aware! Public Safety message US Govt identity theft prevention FTC Consumer information info...