Heat Stress

Working in Hot Environments

A message compiled by the Department of Administration – Risk Management Division.

Even in Minnesota, it can get hot!  Did you know that an employee working in temperatures of 85 degrees with a relative humidity of 70 percent would be at a heat index in the extreme caution range putting them at risk for heat related disorders?  This is just one example of a temperature and humidity combination that could cause a problem.

If you have employees working in hot environments (outdoors or in unconditioned indoor environments) you should have plans in place that prevent heat related disorders.  Plans may include:

  • Encouraging employees to remain well hydrated
  • Making sure additional rest breaks in cool areas are available.
  • Employees should also be trained on recognizing the signs and symptoms of heat related disorders for themselves or co-workers.
  • Dress appropriately for outdoor work.


Several great resources include:

CDC Infographic:



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