911 Protocols

The idea of having to dial 911 is not a pleasant one. No one wants an emergency on campus, and certainly no one wants an emergency to happen without proper protocol in place. But, what is proper protocol?

Review the following basic directives when activating 911 on campus:


  • Remain Calm
  • Determine the need to use 911; (medical, criminal, emergency situation, i.e., fire)
  • Ideally, have one person knowledgeable of first aid stay with the injured person to administer (where appropriate), Basic Life Saving (CPR, AED, etc.), while someone else calls 911.
  • Use radio to notify campus; “We have a medical emergency at________________”
  • Designate someone to meet EMS at an appointed location (Facilities or Safety Wardens).
  • Continue to Remain calm.


  • Provide your name and the school’s name and location
  • Give them your cell and school phone numbers that you can be reached at
  • Describe the injury, symptoms, or situation in as much detail as possible_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Tell them what’s been done so far
  • Ask: “What should we do until you arrive?”
  • Tell them where you will meet the EMS team so you can direct them to the injured party
  • Have 911 repeat the information you gave—listen!
  • Let them hang up
  • If the situation changes significantly, (e.g., new symptoms), call 911again if they’re still in transit

Practice this protocol BEFORE you really need to use it!!


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