Boosters Available for All Adults

All Minnesotans age 18 and older are recommended to get a booster shot. The timing of your booster shot depends on the vaccine you received for your initial vaccine series.

If you got Johnson & Johnson vaccine:
All Minnesotans age 18 and older should get a booster shot at least 2 months after their first dose.
If you got Pfizer or Moderna vaccine:
All Minnesotans age 18 and older should get a booster shot at least 6 months after their primary series of COVID-19 vaccine.

Expanded booster eligibility means more Minnesotans will be able to maximize their protection against COVID-19 during the current surge of cases. COVID-19 vaccines are effective, especially at preventing serious illness and death. Evidence is increasingly clear that boosters for all adults, given at the appropriate time after their primary vaccination series, can help extend the protection and keep it at a high level. Learn more at About COVID-19 Vaccine: Booster shots.

Minnesotans seeking a booster shot can Find COVID-19 Vaccine Locations near them to schedule an appointment or find a walk-in clinic. Minnesotans are able to receive any of the three approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines as a booster dose regardless of what vaccine they received for their primary series.

You don’t have to get your booster at the same place that you received your initial series. There are many places offering booster shots. If appointments are full, keep checking back as more will become available.

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